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Surveying in Ontario.

Archaeological Services

Archaeological Assessments

Stages 1-4 for subdivisions, severances, utilities, road widening, aggregate extraction sites, plant expansions, urban redevelopment sites, building permits etc. Detritus can quickly assess and mitigate properties and recommend alternative courses of action that minimize expense and delay for the developer.

Heritage house.

Cultural Heritage Impact/Cultural Landscape Assessments

Detritus staff are experienced in completing Cultural Heritage Impact Assessments (CHIA), Documentation and Salvage reports and Cultural Heritage Landscape Assessments (CHLA) where heritage buildings or landscapes may be impacted by development.

Cemetery archaelogical site.

Cemetery Services

Detritus can confirm the absence of unmarked burials where development is adjacent to or within a cemetery.

Open pit featuring excavated artifacts.

Heritage Resource Development

We can assist community and heritage groups in the development of heritage tourism sites and heritage initiatives as well as providing interpretive support.