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Detritus takes pride in providing the best service possible for our customers. That means no lectures on the importance of archaeology and no excuses about how complicated the work is. We take on all sizes of project and specialize in getting work done under tight deadlines on a budget. We are the folks to come to when you are having trouble understanding how the assessment process works or you suddenly need an assessment and didn’t find out until the last minute.

Additional Services

  • Due diligence research
  • Peer review studies
  • Historical research
  • Advice and consultation

Community and Development Heritage Planning

We can work with planning staff to recommend site plan changes to avoid expensive impacts to archaeological sites and preserve the economic viability of the project.

Archaeological Master Plans

Detritus utilizes GIS, predictive modeling and research techniques to manage heritage resources for communities and assist in the planning process.

Archaeology Assessments

Our team can quickly assess and mitigate properties that minimize expense and delay for the developer.